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We Help Physical Therapists Achieve Billing Solutions

PT Billing Solutions is dedicated to helping the Physical Therapist with billing issues. Physical Therapy billing is not difficult but there are many unique challenges that are specific to PT, OT, and SLP practices that do not apply to other providers.

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Why work with us

With over 25 years of Physical Therapy billing, PT Billing Solutions has seen and solved many issues that keep Physical Therapists from being paid for their services. Insurance companies are always changing the rules and it is becoming more difficult to get paid for your services. Also, lower fees, higher copays, and higher deductibles are challenging the profitability of many practices.

One-on-one Consulting

Not happy with the reimbursements being collected by your in-house biller or billing service? Our consulting services can help pinpoint your issues and increase your reimbursement rates.

Billing Service

Just starting out or looking to change your billing service? Our billing service, PT Billing Services specializes in Physical Therapy billing.

Digital Products

Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management Systems (PM), Patient Portals, Patient Statements and other billing products. Do you know the difference between them? Which products can boost your profits?

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