PT Billing Solutions Start Your Own Billing Service

There are many reasons to start your own Physical Therapy Billing Service. Below are our top 7 reasons.

Work from home

Many people are looking to work from home and be their own boss. Health care providers are choosing to outsource their coding and billing services so this can be an opportunity to build a thriving business from your home.

Start your home business with low overhead

Compared to many other work from home businesses,  a billing service requires very little starting capital. Some of the start-up items required are education, training, a computer, a printer, billing system software and a list of potential clients.

If you already work in a medical practice as a biller, you already have the education and training taken care of.

Education Options

To compete as a physical therapy biller, you must invest in proper training and education. A good place to start is at you local Community College that offers convenient classes or online classes.  Often, the Community College will also have job placement assistance if you prefer to start working at a practice to gain practical experience before starting out on your own.

Provide valuable services to both the Physical Therapy office and their patients

Billing specialists make sure the providers gets paid for their services. At the same time, they help the patients in settling their accounts and help them with their insurance claims. You will be surprised how many people have no idea what their insurance covers or does not cover.

Enter a field with high demand

With many companies cutting back and unemployment reaching record levels, the health care field is always looking for qualified people. People with skills in billing and coding are in high demand in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and health insurance companies.

Set your own working hours

Working from home, you can work a 9 to 5 schedule or set your own hours. But make sure you check with your providers, they will want to know when they can contact you so once you set your hours, do not change them on a whim.

Unlimited Income

Everyone has seen the ads claiming you can become a biller and make large amounts of money quickly. Is it possible, sure! It is likely, NO!

Don't be misled, this is not a get rich quick career, starting your own billing business will take time but if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can make a very good living in medical billing.

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